Lads Mags

ladsmags - Lads mags would be moved to the top shelf if they featured men in similar poses.

Location: United Kingdom

Lads Mag Action

Lads Magazines are soft porn and should be on the top shelf.

  • Complain to your MP. The sexually explicit material bill which proposes moving lads mags to the top shelf is due before parliament soon. Make your MP aware of your objections to lads magazines.

  • Complain to your high street retailer.

  • Visit the Object website for details on their lads mag campaign.

    The Charliegrrl blog has some really good information about lads mags. The following posts are particularly good.

  • Boycott WH Smith

  • Protest against lads mags

  • Sheffield Lads mags and porn papers

  • Kendal Lads Mags